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  • How are rewards distributed?
    Delegators will receive a pro-rata portion after commission-fees(1%) have been deducted.
  • How often do you distribute rewards?
    Usually at the end of each epoch (approximately every 14 days). We also process 'On request' distributions.
  • Do you have access to my funds?
    No. We don't have access to your funds when you are delegating. You maintain the custody of your MINA at all times.
  • Can I un-delegate my stake?
    Yes. You can un-delegate your Mina at any time. Please remember that you have to wait for 2 epochs before the new delegation changes are reflected.
  • Can a block producer be slashed?
    There are no penalties for block producers being offline in Mina Protocol. However we are maintaining 99.9% uptime.
  • What is the minimum delegation?
    There is no minimum delegation. You can delegate any amount of MINA.
  • What is a supercharged coinbase?
    Coinbase represents a reward for a successfully produced block in a given slot. If the particular slot was won by an account that delegated to a block producer and doesn’t have vested tokens(locked) then this block will contain a double coinbase called supercharged. Unlocked MINA tokens are subjected to receive super charged rewards if they are participating in staking/delegating. Which means 2x rewards when compared with the time-locked MINA. If you have participated in CoinList MINA token sale, you will receive unlocked tokens.

Last updated: 15Jun/2021 - 04:35 UTC


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